Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Draft Development Solicitation

With the redevelopment of the Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library/Janney Elementary School on the horizon, it is imperative that the search for a prospective developer be guided by the vision of all stakeholders, particularly the community.

To capture the voice of the Tenleytown community, we went out and asked residents -- with the help of the Advisory Neighborhood Council -- to tell us what they feel is important to produce a desirable plan for the site. We've received valuable feedback and incorporated it into the document to solicit a prospective developer.

View the Developer Solicitation by clicking on the link below:

Your opinions are very important to us, and we encourage community members to take this opportunity to provide constructive feedback so we can collectively create the best space possible.

To ensure your feedback specific to the above Draft Solicitation is considered, please post your comments below by Monday, October 22 at 1pm. If you would like to provide direct feedback outside of this public forum, please email Eric Scott at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Scott


Anonymous said...

While you might get useful comments here about the RFP, this is no way to assess public sentiment on the project. A forum in which anonymous and/or pseudonymic postings are allowed enables anyone (from someone who lives thousands of miles away to someone who has a direct financial stake in the outcome of the project) to represent him or herself as the voice of the community.

It also enables the same writer to create the illusion that scores of different people agree by simply posting comments under different names or making them all anonymous.

If you're trying to gauge community sentiment, you need public hearings and/or written submissions from authors whose names and addresses are included and verifiable -- not a blog.

ANC votes are also crucial -- they are supposed to be given great weight in situations like this because the Commissioners are local elected officials whom the community can hold responsible for the positions they take.

Anonymous said...

The Educational Specifications attached are not yet specific to the Janney ES needs. According to the school's web site, the next meeting to address the ed. specs. will be held on October 23 at 6pm. The minutes of the September meeting indicate that "The question of how to involve the Janney Community in future discussions re Ed Specs has been tabled until next month."
It does not appear that site-specific ed. specs. will be ready for quite some time at the current rate of preparation.

Will the RFP be withdrawn if ed. specs. are not complete in time?

Will incomplete ed. specs. further delay the timeline for the Tenley Library completion?

While the Janney administration and the SIT may find further delays acceptable, they are far outnumbered by the the community at large that will not find a further delay tolerable, particularly if the Janney School management continues to be remiss in completing the specifications.

A relatively small Janney population should not be allowed to hold hostage the needs of a much larger population. The City Coucil should not succumb to, or accept, the same unrealistic expectations and timelines of the JES SIT, nor should those who prepare the RFP documents.

The RFP must include language that does not permit any further delay the opening of the Tenley Library. The DCPL Trustees have estimated a TWO YEAR delay in the library opening, if any RFP goes forward.

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT IDEA -- we should hold our ANC commissioners responsible for the hostile, secretive and manipulative way they try to control the public dialog. We need a fresh group of ANC commissioners that reflect the values of the community.

Anonymous said...

With respect to posts 1 and 2, it is all fine and good if you are going to make those demands, but then they shoudn't be anonymous. Pot, meet Kettle.

On the other hand, I think this is a great opportunity for the Janney ommunity and for the entire neighborhood to have a new cornerstone for our commercial strip. What better way but to have a ground-breaking destination that our neighborhood can call home.

Dan Carozza said...

ANC secretive? Hardly.
The minutes or reports of every meeting were published on the ANC web site. For the record, the ANC was denied admission to one of the Janney/CM meetings and repeated requests to do a specific presentation to the SIT went without acceptance.
Manipulative? How?
The ANC and the special commission (of which I was a member) did thorough research and presented the results to the community as quickly as they could be posted to the web site. There appeared to be no SIT inclination toward discussion of any findings - the reports were dismissed as "biased" (without qualification of how/why); the ANC participants were labeled as NIMBYs and their work summarily dismissed. There appears to have been little substantive research done by the SIT - if not for the ANC input, we would still be discussing a school 1/3 of the size needed, with a single source, non-competitive bidding process. Even the work on the educational specifications was facilitated by the ANC providing SIT members, the CM and Roadside with a CD containing the draft guidelines for schools from DCPS.

As a DCPS customer since 1989, I fully understand the reticence to give great credence to promises and plans from that source. However, I would characterize excessive reliance on the promises of a developer as the primary source of the unrealistic expectations set for the school community - now that's manipulation.
I believe it would still be beneficial for SIT and ANC to meet and discuss the data. Name calling will get us neither a library or a modernized school.

Anonymous said...

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