Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DCPL Response to Inquires – 12/14/07

1) Thanks for the architectural material that's been added to the proposal website. Could you also add a PDF of the furniture layouts for each library floor/room (along with room/area use labels)? Schematic drawings of table, chair, and shelving locations will help me better understand how each floor of the library works.


2) Is the 3rd floor meant to be for storage or mechanical functions? I don't see any bathrooms on that floor, so I wonder if any occupancy is planned.

Mechanical Functions. Occupied space if budget allows.

3) Did I hear correctly during the conference that you're moving into the design development phase of architectural plans and that you intend to break ground on the new structure in September of 2008?


4) What's DCPL's budget for the library project? I believe I heard $9 or $10 million during the pre-proposal conference. Did I hear correctly?

$14,500,000 (includes hard and soft).

5) I see that you have 9 parking spaces planned. Would you have a need/desire for more parking spaces if they didn't adversely impact your budget? If so, how many?

Yes. Please see DC Zoning requirements for parking spaces associated with a library. I believe it is 18.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Revised Schedule

The schedule below reflects the revised timeline:

Proposals Due to ODMPED: January 4, 2008
Offeror Interviews (If Requested): January 21-25, 2008
Community Presentation: Week of February 11th, 2008
Offeror’s Presentation to Selection Panel: TBD
Selection Notification: February, 2008