Monday, February 4, 2008

TO: Tenley/Friendship Library /Janney Proposal Respondents

Please be advised the District of Columbia, through the Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development (ODMPED) has made the following modification to the above referenced proposal:

All responsive proposals for the Tenley/ Friendship /Janney proposal must include a development program that allows for the independent development of the Friendship Library site. Any proposal that include a development program that integrates the Library within the larger redevelopment footprint will no longer be considered responsive.

ODMPED welcomes any revisions to previously submitted proposals to address this amendment. Revised proposals (as necessary) may be submitted to the ODMPED by February 15, 2008.

In addition, all respondents are requested to provide clarification and further explanation with respect to the following questions (as applicable for either original or revised proposals).

1. Please provide sufficiently detailed financial feasibility and proforma information to illustrate achievable IRR.

2. If the proposal does not meet the required Affordable Housing requirements (total requirement of 30% affordable and distribution of affordable requirement (split evenly between 30% AMI and 60%AMI) please provide an explanation for any discrepancy.

3. If the proposal anticipates a PILOT, TIF or other tax related financing please clarify expected structure, proceeds (within sources and uses) and returns.

4. Please provide all funding sources (predevelopment, development and permanent).

5. Provide a detailed list all benefits (financial, built space, services) provided to the District, School and Library as part of the compensation package.

All respondents are expected to respond to these additional questions no later than February 15, 2008.

Any proposal revisions and responses to proposal questions should be sent to:

Eric Scott, Esq.
Deputy Director of Operations
Office of the Deputy Mayor for
Planning and Economic Development
1350 Pennsylvania Ave., NW, Suite 317
Washington DC 20004
(p) 202.727.6696

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

DCPL Response to Inquires – 12/14/07

1) Thanks for the architectural material that's been added to the proposal website. Could you also add a PDF of the furniture layouts for each library floor/room (along with room/area use labels)? Schematic drawings of table, chair, and shelving locations will help me better understand how each floor of the library works.


2) Is the 3rd floor meant to be for storage or mechanical functions? I don't see any bathrooms on that floor, so I wonder if any occupancy is planned.

Mechanical Functions. Occupied space if budget allows.

3) Did I hear correctly during the conference that you're moving into the design development phase of architectural plans and that you intend to break ground on the new structure in September of 2008?


4) What's DCPL's budget for the library project? I believe I heard $9 or $10 million during the pre-proposal conference. Did I hear correctly?

$14,500,000 (includes hard and soft).

5) I see that you have 9 parking spaces planned. Would you have a need/desire for more parking spaces if they didn't adversely impact your budget? If so, how many?

Yes. Please see DC Zoning requirements for parking spaces associated with a library. I believe it is 18.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Revised Schedule

The schedule below reflects the revised timeline:

Proposals Due to ODMPED: January 4, 2008
Offeror Interviews (If Requested): January 21-25, 2008
Community Presentation: Week of February 11th, 2008
Offeror’s Presentation to Selection Panel: TBD
Selection Notification: February, 2008

Monday, November 5, 2007

Tenley-Friendship Library/Janney Elementary Solicitation of Offers - Pre-Bid Conference

There will be a pre-bid session held to discuss the Solicitation of Offers issued on October 31, 2007 for the Tenley-Friendship Library/Janney Elementary School site on Wednesday, November 7, 2007. The conference will be held at 2pm at the Washington DC Economic Partnership at 1495 F St., NW, Washington DC 20004.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Tenley-Friendship/Janney Elementary Solicitation of Offers

The Office of the Deputy Mayor for Planning and Economic Development on October 31, 2007 issued a Solicitation of Offers on the 3.6 acre Tenley-Friendship/Janney Elementary school site in Northwest Washington.
The site, at the corner of Wisconsin Avenue and Albemarle Street, includes the 15,000 square foot Tenely library, which is being demolished, and the Janney school, which is currently 43,000 square feet, but scheduled for expansion.
Offerers are are being asked to provide their vision for the site as well as work with school and library officials to incorporate their uses. In accordance with the District's Comprehensive Plan, the site could also potentially be used for housing and retail, specifically street-level retail, that would enliven the Wisconsin Anvenue commericial corridor. The site is less than a block from the Tenleytown-AU Metrorail Station and well-served by Metrobus along Wisconsin Avenue. Responses to the solicitation are due on Dec. 18.
Please contact Program Manager Eric Scott, with any questions.
Please use the links below to access the solicitation and the corresponding appendices:

Tenley Friendship/Janney Elementary Solicitation of Offers*
Appendix A: Site Map*
Appendix B: Site Aerial Photo*
Appendix C: Educational Specification for Janney Elementary*
Appendix D: Library Branch Requirements*
Appendix E: Design Guidelines*

* This document is presented in Portable Document Format (PDF). A PDF reader is required for viewing.Download a PDF Reader or Learn More About PDFs.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Community Meeting to Discuss Draft Development Solicitation

There will be a community meeting held to obtain additional community input for the draft development solicitation for the redevelopment of the Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library/Janney Elementary School .

The meeting is scheduled for Tuesday October 23, 2007 at 6:30 pm at Janney Elementary School.

We look forward to your attendance and continued input.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Draft Development Solicitation

With the redevelopment of the Tenley-Friendship Neighborhood Library/Janney Elementary School on the horizon, it is imperative that the search for a prospective developer be guided by the vision of all stakeholders, particularly the community.

To capture the voice of the Tenleytown community, we went out and asked residents -- with the help of the Advisory Neighborhood Council -- to tell us what they feel is important to produce a desirable plan for the site. We've received valuable feedback and incorporated it into the document to solicit a prospective developer.

View the Developer Solicitation by clicking on the link below:

Your opinions are very important to us, and we encourage community members to take this opportunity to provide constructive feedback so we can collectively create the best space possible.

To ensure your feedback specific to the above Draft Solicitation is considered, please post your comments below by Monday, October 22 at 1pm. If you would like to provide direct feedback outside of this public forum, please email Eric Scott at

We look forward to hearing from you.

Eric Scott